Safe Ways To Keep Window Replacement Costs Down

Replacing your home windows can be quite an expensive project. If you're looking for ways to keep costs down, you're not alone. Most people want new windows when their old ones become damaged, but they want those windows as affordably as possible. Here are some ways to save on window replacement costs without sacrificing the safety or integrity of your windows.

Leave intact windows in place.

People often assume that if they replace their windows, they have to replace them all at the same time. This approach is often recommended since it ensures your windows all match and keeps them all on the same timeline. However, if your budget is limited, you can often save money by replacing just a few of your windows. Replace the ones that are leaking, deteriorating, and experiencing other signs of decay. Leave the ones that are in good shape in place for now, and replace them at a later date.

Don't change window styles.

Yes, it might be nice to have an awning window in place of the double-hung window in your laundry room, or a sliding window against your patio. But when you change window styles, it's a lot more work for your window contractors and adds a lot of cost to the project.  The window openings have to be modified to accommodate a different window style, which requires additional materials and hours of labor. You can therefore save money by sticking with the same window style when you have your windows replaced.

Stick with double-pane windows.

A lot of window replacement companies these days are offering triple-pane windows, which consist of three panes of glass mounted one inside the other. They are more energy-efficient than double-hung windows, which have two panes of glass. However, the energy savings tend to be marginal unless you're in a really cold, harsh climate. It is significantly cheaper to have double-pane windows installed, and your energy bills should still be much lower than they were with your leaky, old windows. Tell your window replacement contractor you only want to consider double-pane window options.

While window replacement can be costly, there are ways to reduce costs on this project. Consider the approaches above, and talk to your window replacement contractor to learn more. Often, if you tell your contractor your budget from the start, they can work with you and suggest window replacement approaches that are within that budget.  

For more information about window replacement, contact a local company. 

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