How Do You Know You Need A New Front Door?

People often get a new front door once they get tired of the look of their old one. Indeed, appearances are one reason to get a new front door. However, these are not the only reasons. Here are some other signs you're due for a new one.

1. Your door is hard to open and close.

Do you feel like you have to lift the door, move it in just the right way, or shove it to the side in order to get it to latch closed? This can certainly get annoying over time, and guests are likely to leave your front door open unintentionally. As a result, cold air can seep in, and any pets you have might get out. However, a new entry door will be easier to open and close, saving you many headaches and inconveniences.

2. You feel a draft around the door.

When you're walking past the door on the inside of your home, do you feel a draft? In other words, is the area in front of your door colder than the rest of your home? If so, you may need a new front door. Your existing door may be a little warped, or it may not have been very efficient and well-sealed in the first place. Today's modern doors are well-sealed and efficient, so you should not have to worry about drafts.

3. The glass is loose and separating.

If you have glass inlays in your front door, try pressing against them. They should not move or shift in their frame. If the glass is loose, then your home may experience air leaks. There is also an increased risk of the glass falling out and shattering if someone shuts the door too forcefully. A new entry door with study and secure glass will be safer and more efficient.

4. Insects are sneaking in.

If there always seems to be insects around your front door, one of two things may be happening. First, the insects may be coming in through cracks and crevices in the door. Or, you might have insects eating your deteriorating wood door. In either case, you need a new front door before the bugs take over the rest of your home.

Keep your eyes out for the above signs that you need a new front door. Contact a door company near you to learn more about your entry door options. 

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