Window Installation Types for Your Home

Windows say a lot about your home. Research has found that over 30% of burglars access the house through the windows. Given this fact, you should take window installation seriously. Here are some types of windows available to help you make an informed decision.

Hung Windows

A single hung window is designed to allow the bottom window panel to move about freely. The window, therefore, slides up when you are opening it or comes down to close. The upper panel is fixed, meaning that it is inside the frame.

The double-hung window is the most ancient window design yet. This double design allows both the upper and lower sash to slide down or move upwards. The flexibility of the double-hung window makes it easier to clean in comparison to the single hung.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large windows that often have one pane of glass. Picture windows are either rectangular or square in shape. The size of the window allows for more light in the room, especially if it is always kept clean.

Picture windows increase your home's heating and cooling efficiency. The vinyl frames seal the window so that air does not flow in or out of the room. Heat is also kept out by the glass, allowing only natural light through.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are held up by hinges by attaching them to the frame of the home. The casement window frames can be single or double, depending on the frame size. Casement windows, therefore, offer more than just a continuous glass like the picture window.

Casement windows come in styles like bays and bows. The window also has vinyl frames to help lock air out. The window also reflects the sun's radiation, allowing only natural light through.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open one way with the single panel sliding over the other like a sliding door. This window type fits where the width is more important than the length. In your storage room, such a window is recommended.

Sliding windows come in different sizes and various configurations. Sliding windows like the picture and casement windows also have vinyl frames to help lock out air. The ability of the glass to keep the sun radiations out of the house help to cool the home, which may lead to lower energy bills in homes that install this window.

In Conclusion

Window installation services not only install different types of windows in a home, but also guide homeowners on the best choices. Although double-paned windows are shown to be in 59% of homes, you should not feel limited as there are multiple window frames and designs to choose from in the market. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a window installation service near you.

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