Guide To Interior Office Window Tinting

Many modern offices have reached a balance between the open plan office craze of the near past and the private traditional office of years gone by — the glass office. These offices typically feature either glass dividers instead of solid walls or glass doors along with large windows for a more open feel. Even with walls, though, interior tinting may be necessary.

Interior Tinting Benefits

One issue with open offices was there was little privacy as well as it could create issues with concentration at work. Glass helps filter out distractions and can provide some audio privacy, but everything is still open to view. Tinting, depending on the type chosen, can provide necessary privacy by blocking views while still allowing for the open feeling. Further, tints reduce the view of activities outside the office, thus aiding in concentration.

Privacy is about more than comfort. Security of your business may be at stake, particularly if you work on sensitive projects or have documents that shouldn't be easily viewed from outside of an office.

Privacy Tint Options

There are a few options for tint. The most common for interior glass is frosting. Frosting prevents anyone from seeing in or out of the office, except for perhaps shadows and shapes, but it does allow for the flow of natural light. Frosting provides the utmost in privacy.

The other option is a darkening tint. These don't provide complete privacy, but they do make it more difficult to see exactly what is going on in an office. Further, the tint can help minimize distraction from movement outside of the office. There are also one-way darkening tints, which allow those in the office to see out but prevent those outside from seeing in. These are especially useful for office doors, particularly in shared buildings, because you can see a coworker or client approaching but don't have to worry about the curious gazes of passersby.

Decorative Upgrades

Whether you choose a darkening or a frosted tint, there are decorative options. In frosted types of tint, it can be quite attractive to use unfrosted or more heavily frosted areas to create pinstriping or even designs, such as clouds or glass "murals." Names can be etched into the frosting, which looks quite lovely on office doors or windows.

For tint, there are color options as well as darkening options. Using different colors or hues in a similar way to the frosting designs detailed above can add some attractiveness and interest to the windows.

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