The Custom Home Renovation Guide To Entry Doors And Entrance Improvements

When doing renovations to your home exterior, there are a lot of improvements to consider. The entrance doors can be various styles and have features like sidelights and transoms to enhance the appearance of your entrances. There are also options to update moldings and trim details that surround the openings for a more custom look. The following home renovation guide for entrance doors will help give your front door a look you want:

Choosing the best door style for entrances—The entrances to your home can have many different styles of doors and materials. First, front doors should be secure, so you will want to use solid wood or steel doors that are more secure than other options. Some of the front door styles to consider include:

  • Glass in the door to match sidelights and transoms
  • Traditional wood-style designs
  • Modern contemporary door designs
  • Custom architectural entry door designs

These are some of the front door styles that you will want to consider for the entrances to your home.

Adding sidelights to entrances for natural light—Sidelights on doors are the additions to the frame that includes window glass. These features are great for entrances to foyers that are too dark and need more light. The sidelights can give the entrance foyer more natural light to brighten up space in your home. Sidelights can be on one side of the door if there is limited space, or on both sides for a center, symmetrical appearance.

Transoms above doors for custom entrance features—Transoms are another window glass feature that can be added to your entry doors. These are the glass features above the door, and they can also help add natural light to the interior space of your home. In addition, transoms can be square or arched architectural features that help add custom details to the exterior of your home.

Using moldings and trim details to customize entrances—Moldings and trim are other additional improvements that can be done to renovate your front entry door. Wider moldings can be used to accent the entrance. Custom trim features can help enhance the details to give the casing surrounding the door a custom design that blends in with the rest of the exterior renovations you are doing to your home.

These are features for entrances that will give new doors for renovations an attractive custom look. Call an entry door service and ask about these custom details for the new entrance to your home when doing renovations.

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