Why Motorized Shades Are An Ideal Window Treatment For Your Home

If you need new window treatments, consider motorized shades. These come in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect complement to your décor. The main advantage of motorized shades is their convenience. Here's why these are a useful addition and good choice for any home.

They Can Reduce Solar Heating

Some of these shades have sun sensors on them so they open and close by themselves according to the weather conditions. If the sun hits the window, the shades close to prevent solar heating, and when the sun moves on, the shades open to allow natural lighting. This action, if you decide to use it, helps reduce solar heating in your home so your home stays cooler in the summer without driving up your power bill.

They Operate On Batteries

Another advantage of motorized shades is you can eliminate the dangling cord that poses a hazard to kids and pets. There is no cord on these shades, not even a power cord. Instead, the shades operate on battery power. You can even have a solar power device added that recharges the battery if the windows get enough sunlight. However, you may just want to use regular batteries for your shades and change them when they get low. The lifespan of a battery depends on the size and weight of the shade as well as how often you reposition the shade during the day. With no cords and plugs involved, the shades are safer around toddlers and pets that play near the windows.

The Shades Can Be Programmed

Motorized shades are convenient because you can operate them with a remote at the push of a button, but for even more convenience, you can program the shades to open at set times. You can awaken to natural light as the shades open in the morning and you can be sure the shades are closed when it gets dark, even if you're not at home. Plus, you don't have to open each shade individually. You can use the remote to close them all at once.

These shades make it convenient to let in natural light when you want it, such as during breakfast when you need light to start your day, and then provide privacy when you need it, such as when you leave for work. You may not take time to open shades manually, and that deprives you of natural light. When you can open and close your shades with a quick push on a remote, you may find you open the shades more and get more natural light and views of the outside world, which can be an enjoyable way to start your day and boost your mood.

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