Different Options To Add Custom Window Openings Inside And Outside Of Your Home

If you want to install custom windows in your home, there are many options for improvements that add natural light and improve energy efficiency. These improvements can include updating the exterior with replacement windows, updating entranceways and adding transoms or sidelights to the windows in your home. The following tips will help you choose the right custom features for the window openings inside and outside of your home: 

Adding Natural Light to Your Interior with Transoms Above the Doorway Frames  

While adding windows to the exterior walls can give you natural light, there are other areas that you can add natural light inside. If you have rooms without windows or fewer openings that make areas dark, add transoms above windows to allow more natural lighting into your home.  

Updating the Exterior Windows with Modern Glass or Window Replacement Options  

It is probably also important to update the exterior windows to ensure they are in good condition and energy-efficient. If you have wood windows that can be restored that you want to preserve, you can have the glass replaced, or another option is to install replacement window inserts that can be used with your existing window casings.  

Make A Statement with The Right Improvements to Your Front Entrance Way Doors  

Sometimes, the front entranceway of your home can be outdated, which is why you may want to make some changes here. Consider improvements like larger or double doors, which can make your home more accessible and easier to carry in large objects like furniture. In addition, improvements to the front entrance will also enhance curb appeal and add value to your home.  

Arches and Sidelights to Add the Right Details and Natural Light to Exterior Windows and Doors  

Another option that you may want to consider for adding details with natural lighting is using arches above exterior windows and doors. In addition, sidelights are another option that you may want to consider for areas where full or double doors cannot be used, but where you want to add glass features for more natural lighting inside your home.  

These are some of the different options you will want to consider for the custom features for window openings inside and on the outside of your home. If you are ready to start updating the windows, contact a custom interior window service, and do not forget to discuss options to update the interior design with features like transoms and sidelights.

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