Why You Might Want Vinyl Rather Than Wood When You Pick Out New Windows For Your Home

One important improvement you can make on your home is to have new windows put in. New windows improve the appearance of your home and help you control the indoor climate when there are fewer leaks and drafts. There are several choices to make when you get replacement windows, and one is the material the windows are made from, such as vinyl or wood. Vinyl is a popular choice today, and here's why you may want to choose new vinyl windows for your home rather than wood.

Vinyl Windows Are Easy To Care For

Vinyl is often a better choice than wood windows because wood will deteriorate over time due to exposure to the rain and sun. Wood can also be damaged by insects, but this type of damage is not an issue with vinyl. You'll want to wash the vinyl occasionally so it stays clean and attractive, but you won't have to paint it or make very many repairs. That means the windows will look nice even if you tend to neglect them in the coming years.

Vinyl Windows Are More Affordable Than Wood

If your home has a lot of windows, it can be worrisome to think about replacing them all. You probably want to save as much money as you can. A good way to control costs is to choose vinyl windows instead of wood because vinyl usually costs less. A lower cost per window can add up when you have a lot of windows to replace. Also, the ongoing cost of maintaining vinyl windows is less too.

Vinyl Windows Can Have Added Insulation

Vinyl windows tend to have better insulation than wood windows. The cores of vinyl windows are hollow, and you can choose to have insulation added. Foam injection is a good option when you want the best in energy efficiency for your new windows. With foam injection, spray foam fills the hollow cores of the windows so air can't leak through and heat doesn't transfer through the frames as easily.

Visit a window showroom or talk to your window contractor about your choices in vinyl windows if you think they're right for you. You can choose white if you like, but they come in different colors including shades and textures that look like wood grain. You can choose different shapes and sizes for the frames, and different types of glass for your windows, so you have a lot of options that help you get the perfect windows for your home whether you're going for a certain look or improved insulation.

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