Enhance The Privacy And Beauty Of Your Home With The Right Window Coverings

No matter what type of home you live in, you'll want some type of window coverings. They provide privacy as well as color and style to your space. The selection in window coverings is vast, so one basic decision you need to make is how much privacy you want versus how much light you want to filter into the room. Here's a look at some popular options.

Tall Drapes For Privacy And Color

Tall drapes that mount near the ceiling make your rooms seem larger and they can add color contrast to your home. Drapes come in many colors and fabrics, and you can even have them custom made. Thick fabric provides complete privacy at night and it blacks out light during the day so you can sleep better if you work nights. Drapes are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms, and they can be used in combination with sheer curtains and blinds.

Sheer Curtains For Improved Natural Lighting

Sheer curtains provide minimal privacy, but they're ideal for letting in natural light. Sheer curtains may not be ideal for a bedroom where you want the most privacy, but they are often suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens when you want more light to filter in.

Blinds And Shades For Custom Light Filtering

Blinds and shades are popular window coverings because you can open and shut them to control the amount of privacy you have. You can open the top slats on blinds to let light filter through the top of the windows while keeping the bottom slats shut for privacy. Shades can be opened partially as well, and some shades are made of material you can see through to enjoy the view while still providing privacy and sun blocking from the outside. Blinds and shades are a good choice if you prefer a simple look for your windows and complete control over how much light shines through each individual window.

Once you've decided on the style for your window coverings, you'll need to choose a color for the blinds, shades, or curtains and the fabric and pattern if you're getting drapes. Try to obtain fabric swatches if possible so you can judge how well the drapes will look against the paint on your walls and with the furniture in your room. Fortunately, drapes and other window coverings usually aren't expensive so you can change them when you want a new look for your home. Changing the drapes makes a big difference in how your rooms look and it's much easier and quicker than painting or putting up new wallpaper.

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