Five Advantages Of Residential Window Tinting

Window tinting is a distinctive and alternative type of window treatment that consists of applying a film directly onto the glass of your windows to filter out the light and UV radiation from the sun. Since it is applied directly onto the glass instead of being installed around it, like most other window treatments, there are a few characteristic benefits associated with window tinting. Understanding what those benefits are can help you figure out if window tinting is the right fit for your home's windows.  

Glare Reduction

Window tints work to constantly reduce the amount of light that enters your home by reflecting sunlight as it hits the glass. This is ideal for window film installation in home offices, theaters, or living rooms, since it will reduce the amount of glare that computer and TV screens will experience throughout the day.

Lower Maintenance

Window tints also do not require additional maintenance besides regular window cleaning, which means that you won't have to dust them off or wash them as you would with traditional blinds and curtains. This saves you time when it comes to housekeeping.

Reduced Utility Bills

Window tints can also help maintain the comfort levels within your home during the summer months by keeping the heat of the sun from passing through the glass. This is especially important for homeowners in climates that are hot throughout the year, as the added cooling associated with window tints' reflectiveness can translate into significant savings on energy bills over time—paying down the initial cost of the tinting and then some.

Reduced Fading

Another key advantage of choosing window tints is that they will protect the surfaces within your home from sun bleaching, which can fade the color of your fabrics, flooring, and furniture. Unlike other window treatments, which either completely block out the sun and obscure your view or allow some degree of sunlight in, window tints provide a constant filter that prevents fading from occurring while still maintaining natural light into the room. Different degrees of tints are available, with stronger tints blocking out a greater amount of UV radiation.

Privacy Screens

Finally, window tints are also extremely beneficial because they allow for the view into your home to be obscured due to their reflective nature. However, unlike other window treatments, which completely obscure the view out of your windows while they are closed, you can still see outside when you have window tints installed.

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