3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Secure Without Having To Build A Fence

Wondering how you can make your home more secure without having to face the trouble and expense of building a perimeter fence? Luckily, there are a variety of options available that can help you get the job done. Here are three interesting options to consider.

1. Plant Some Shrubs

A great way to add security to your home while at the same time enhancing your property's overall curb appeal is to plants some new shrubs around the perimeter of the house. Once they're full grown, the shrubs can help block the view through windows into your home, making it harder for passersby to see what you own – so would-be thieves will be less likely to choose your home as a target.

And the shrubs will help shield your kids and pets from the road, making yard play more safe and enjoyable. Shrubs are typically easy to grow, and most varieties get large when they're full grown. You can create a custom look and ensure that the shrubs cover only specific parts of your home by simply trimming down to the shapes and sizes of your preference throughout the year.

2. Invest in Smart Deadbolts

Upgrading your old deadbolt locks will instantly increase the security of your home, especially if you choose smart options. In addition to offering you some extra peace of mind, smart deadbolts offer a variety of convenient features and functions that your household can appreciate. Some of the features you can expect to enjoy include:

  • Bluetooth technology

  • Voice control

  • Entry by touch

  • Usage notifications

  • Traditional and smart key compatibility

Many smart deadbolts can be connected to other smart systems that might already be installed in your home, such as a security or lighting system.

3. Install External Shutters

Installing external window shutters on your home will provide you with many benefits to take advantage. If you invest in locking shutters, you'll add a second layer of security to your windows year-round. Not only would someone have to figure out how to unlock your window, or break it, but they'll have to get through the locked shutters first. When your shutters are closed, they'll protect your windows from damage due to flying debris or stray baseballs.

External shutters will help seal windows and protect your home from the outdoor elements. This may reduce your HVAC needs throughout the year and save you some money on your energy bills. And your new external shutters will also give our home a uniform look, and help hide any chips or scratches that your windows might have.

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