Enhance Bathroom Style With Shower Door Improvements

A shower door serves the vital purpose of keeping water from exiting the shower space and going onto the bathroom floor. A door that keeps water and water-related damage from accumulating is functional. Function, however, does not necessarily have to exist without style. Selecting a shower door that adds to the look of an interior should be a priority because the right style of door greatly enhances bathroom beautification.

Choosing the right shower door does not have to be confounding. Following a few simple decor ideas could reap nice results.

Go Frameless to Avoid Clashes

Frames sometimes accentuate the appearance of a shower door, but frames might not fit well into every bathroom environment. A bathroom with mostly pure white colors on the walls, floors, fixtures, and the like might not benefit from silver, metallic, or black frames on a shower door. Frames that stand out too much end up hampering visuals. A frameless shower door, on the other hand, will blend right in nicely.

Choose Glass Based on Shower Stall Looks

The choice of clear glass or permanently obscured or frosted glass should be based on the condition of the stall itself. A shiny, brand new, brilliant-looking stall could be shown off quite well with clear glass. If the shower stall is a bit old looking, then maybe hiding it behind obscured glass is a better plan. The shower glass does not just have to boost an interior. Sometimes, the glass can be used to minimize or eliminate imperfections to great effect. Work with a company like Bradenton Window & Allied Products to learn about your options for clear or frosted glass shower doors.

Add Designs to the Surface

A plain shower door is not all that different from a blank canvas. Images can be added to shower glass which, in turn, contribute to the decorative style of the bathroom. Those with painting skill could add some creative images, but those lacking artistic abilities are not without options. Special adhesive stickers and decals may be affixed to the glass. Be sure to use stickers that are made from quality materials. They will maintain their color and texture and last for years.

Don't Ignore the Basics

Even the most unique and original-looking shower door will fail to impress if it's dirty or if the connecting metal rusts. Clean and dry off a door thoroughly after running a hot, steamy shower. Doing so ensures the decorative benefits of the shower door are never undermined.

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