Unsure of Whether You Need Replacement Windows? Here Are a Few Signs to Look For

Whether you are looking to improve your home's value or increase energy efficiency, the topic of replacement windows will no doubt be one change that comes up. It may sound like a logical thing, but the fact is, many homeowners struggle with the decision of whether or not they actually need replacement windows. If you are struggling to decide just how old your current windows are or if they do need to be replaced, there are a few telltale signs that should indicate it is definitely time to get in touch with a window-replacement company such as Gallagher Bros. Inc. 

1. You feel cold air coming from your windows even when they are fully closed. In the cold winter months of the year, good windows should allow you the view to the outdoors but not allow in cold air. Windows which allow cold air through are usually outdated and poorly insulated. While you could do a few things to help this problem, such as adding caulking around the frames and panes, old windows with poor insulation will never work as efficiently as new replacement models. 

2. Your window frames are starting to deteriorate. Although this may sound like an obvious problem, unless you do a little investigating, you may never notice that your window frames are starting to crack or rot. This is because these issues are often hidden behind the panels of trim which encase the perimeter of most window types. To get a good look at the inner quality of your windows, use a pry bar to gently pry off a piece of the trim. If you can see that the inner frame has severe problems, it is definitely time for replacement. 

3. Your windows feel hot to the touch in warmer months. Just as windows that allow in cold are a problem, so are those which allow in heat. If the window panes themselves are hot to the touch, this is a surefire sign that heat transfer is driving up the cooling costs in your home. This is especially a problem with outdated single-pane windows, which provide little in the way of UV protection or protection from heat transfer. 

If any of these issues apply to the windows you have now, it could definitely mean it is time to seriously consider replacement. Get in touch with a window sales and service center for more advice about whether it is time to install new windows in your home. 

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