Factors You Have To Consider If Putting New Windows On Your House

If you need to have new windows put on your house, it is natural that you would think about how much they will cost. Focusing so much on what you'll pay upfront, however, could lead you to neglect other issues that could help you select windows that keep you comfortable inside the house, offer greater security, and don't require much upkeep. Think about the factors below and you'll choose your windows wisely.

Energy Efficiency

Something that is worth keeping in mind as you think about the type of windows you want is how energy efficient they are. Windows that are high in energy efficiency tend to cost a little more, but they can save you some money as time passes. That's because energy efficient windows block some of the sun's rays so that you can stay comfortable inside your various living spaces. As a result, your cooling costs are lower in the summer. In the winter, windows that are energy efficient can keep out cold drafts that cause you to set the thermostat to a higher temperature. You are less likely to see soaring heating bills.

Certain window styles can offer greater amounts of energy efficiency as well. Casement style windows, for example, can be better than double hung ones in this regard.


For your windows on the first floor, its important to remember that burglars can sometimes target windows that seem easy to get into. To ensure that your family remains undisturbed, you might seriously consider fixed sash windows. Unlike other kinds, fixed sash windows can't be coaxed open in relative silence; they have to be smashed open, which will make enough noise that you can take action to protect those inside the house. You can also select glass that is resistant to shattering for additional security.

Low Maintenance Materials 

If you only pay attention to how much money you pay out of pocket today, you may not realize how much you'll spend in time and maintenance costs if you aren't careful. You might be considering windows with wood frames, for instance, but be aware that you are likely to have to scrape, sand and repaint those frames periodically to keep them looking good. For less maintenance over time, choose vinyl or aluminum frames.

The pointers above will help you determine the best course to take regarding the windows inside your home. Have a discussion with a windows retailer like Active Hurricane & Security Protection or a window installation contractor for professional assistance.

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