Kitty Cornered: Keeping Your Cat Inside With The Proper Window Settings

If you have a cat, you know how much they enjoy being inquisitive. This can be about things that go on inside of the house, as well as outside in nature. If you have an inside cat, you may want to allow them to see birds, leaves, and other natural wonders without allowing them outside. Outside can be dangerous for cats, with everything from fleas and ticks to cars. If you want to keep your cat inside but let them see the exterior world, here is a way to set up your windows to allow for this. 

Install a high window seat

Window seats are not just for people. Like many humans enjoy sitting in a window seat during the rain or curling up in the window with a good book, cats enjoy this as well. Install a window sill that sits inside of the home in front of the window. This space should have enough room for your cat or cats to lay upon while looking out of the window. You may find that this becomes a favorite space for your felines, especially if you put it next to a window with trees. 

Replace windows with fold down casement windows

Depending on the size of your cat, they may have an easier time slipping out sliding windows, even if you leave them slightly cracked. This can expose your cat to danger in the event that they get out on the road, or if you live in an area with predator animals. Instead of regular sliding windows, install casement windows that have a hinge at the upper portion of the window and slide outward. Make sure that the casement window opening is too thin at the bottom for your animal to get out of the actual glass portion of the window, even while open. A slide out casement window will allow your cat to catch a breeze and smell the outside while sitting in the window opening, but will keep them properly confined to the interior of your home. 

Place trees and plants near the window

Cats can sometimes feel confined if they are inside and can't get any of the outside experience. For this reason, you should consider putting cat-friendly inside trees and plants near the window. With trees, flowers, and bushes on the inside of the window, the cat will feel connected with the outside without feeling like they will have to escape. This coupled with the casement window being left open on nice days will have your feline feeling like they are the big cat in their own jungle. 

To make adjustments to your windows, talk to a professional like Gilkey Windows.

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