Three Common Window Mistakes By Homeowners

Windows play an integral part of the functioning of your home. They let light in, provide air, and offer an escape during emergencies. Your windows can also control your heating and cooling bill. When you have leaks around your windows, you could end up with a larger than average heating and cooling bill. It is crucial that when you go to replace your windows that you take the time to shop around. This will allow you to see all the designs, styles, and technological advances in windows available on the market. To make sure you are making the right choice for replacement windows, here are some of the most common mistakes home buyers make when choosing windows. 

Not Considering Installation

When purchasing a window, you want to also make sure that the installation is covered. Unless you have experience installing windows, it is important that you have your new windows professionally installed to get the best result. In fact, about 90% of warranty claims to a window manufacturer are related to the installation. Even if you are replacing your windows with the same exact style, you want to be sure that the windows fit properly. If you see a spike in your heating and cooling bill after replacement, then you may want to check the seal around the window. 

Not Considering the Maintenance

Glass is porous and can collect dust and dirt over time. Additionally, a dirty window can affect the overall heat efficiency of your home. This is why it is so important to keep your windows clean at all times. The type of window you buy can determine how easy it is to clean them. Some types of glass are much easier to clean than others. Small cracks in your glass can eventually destroy the whole window. It is better to look for a glass that is not easily breakable. This will make it harder for it to crack. 

Not Considering the R-Value

One of the most important factors of a window for your home is the R-value. The R-value signifies the resistance of heat flow through the window. As thermal energy tries to flow from hot to cold, air can escape through your windows causing your energy bill to fluctuate depending on how much thermal energy is able to pass through. It is important that you look for a window that has a higher R-value as this can save the most amount of energy so your air does not escape the home and air from outside is not able to get in. 

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