Advantages Of California Or Plantation Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood shutters come in both indoor and outdoor varieties, and one popular type of indoor shutter is the California or plantation shutter. These are permanently installed horizontal wood shutters which fit on the inside of your windows or glass doors. They are great for adjusting the amount of light you want to bring into the room, keeping it as bright or dim as you need. Here are five other advantages to these indoor wood shutters.

They may add value to your home:

Since these shutters are permanent fixtures, unlike some other window treatments, they become part of the home. Depending on their quality, they may become a great selling point when or if you decide to sell your home.

Maintenance is easy:

These shutters usually only require a regular dusting and little else. Their smooth surface helps to reduce the amount of dust and other allergens from accumulating. Depending on their finish, they can also be resistant to staining or fading. One tip: do not use soap and water on natural wood finishes or they can warp.

You can customize them to your needs:

These shutters can be made to fit any size or shape window and door and come in just about any color. If you change your home's interior decor, you can remove these shutters and repaint them. One disadvantage, however, is that they are sometimes not easy to remove and all hardware points must be marked so that they can be easily reassembled when you're done painting.

They allow for good air control and privacy:

When opened wide, these shutters allow for excellent air flow. Likewise, when they are closed, they are efficient at keeping warm air from escaping. Since they are solid wood, they do a good job blocking views from the outside when they're completely closed. Even when open, they still provide some amount of privacy.

They are designed to last a long time:

Since they are made of natural hardwood, these shutters will last a long time with normal use. As long as they are not exposed to excessive moisture or wood-eating insects, they should keep their shape for years.

If you think hardwood California or plantation shutters might add the type of look you want for your home's interior, then contact a business that specializes in and installs them. Have them check out your windows and see if your home will both benefit and look good with these practical and stylish window treatments. If hardwood shutters aren't right for your room because of humidity issues, then other options may be available to give you the same look without worrying about warping. Contact a company like Snyders Shades & Shutters to get started.

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