Three Steps To Making A Backyard Sliding Door Safer For Your Family And Pets

A backyard sliding glass door is likely the largest window in your home. This window being efficient and safe is important for the health of your family. Some of the greatest fears are children and pets running into the glass door, as well as the door being a window for those who may want to break into the home. If you are interested in making changes to your sliding glass door, here are some positive changes that you can implement that will make the door safer and easier for your family. 

Select a colored glass

Though you will need to be able to see through a glass window for safety reasons, you can select a tinted glass that works for you. A glass that has a blue or even grey tint may it more difficult for those on the outside to see through while allowing you to see outside perfectly clear. The tint can help to filter out the sun and it can keep anyone from being able to look directly into your home with ease.

Install thick, unbreakable glass 

One great fear of parents with sliding glass doors is having a child run directly through the glass door and get hurt. If your children or pets are at risk of running through the door, it can be a good idea to make changes to the door itself. Installing unbreakable glass will keep your kids and pets safer in the event that they do run into the glass. Unbreakable glass is typically thicker than average glass, which means that while your child or pet may hit the glass and get bumped back, they won't shatter the glass and cause cuts or major trauma to themselves. The thickness of the glass also means that it is better for insulation.

Choose an electronic drop down shade

Instead of blinds or even a set of window shades for the windowed glass door, a motorized drop down shade will work wonders for privacy and for shade. If your backyard faces the sunrise or sunset, you may find that your home heats up a lot during these times, making your internal air systems less effective. If the climate that you live in is also very hot, you may find that the sun will heat up your home to the point that it can bother pets who sit in front of the glass door. Install motorized window shades that can drop down with the press of a button. If you can set up a drop down shade to be activated remotely, you can be sure to drop the shade during the daytime or evening when you know that the sun will be coming through, to keep your abode cozy and comfortable.

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