Commercial Window-Film Options Guide

Window films do more than simply provide tinting to help prevent glare from entering your business. They come in a multitude of options, each with a specific quality that can actually help your business. The following guide will help you better understand the choices available so that you pick the right type of film.

UV and Heat Protection

These are the most obvious reasons to opt for commercial window film. UV and heat-protection films are tinted, which helps block UV light and the heat from the sun from entering your business. This film is an excellent choice if you want to avoid sun-fading on items or furniture near the windows, or if you have a south- or west-facing window that gets exposed to a lot of sunlight. Installing the film will likely cut down on your energy bills, too, since the business won't require as much cooling during sunny weather.

Added Security

Security films are applied over the window on the inside, making it more difficult to break. It is harder for a would-be thief to break or kick in the window due to the added strength the film provides. There are even films manufactured to withstand bomb blasts. Another good use of this film is in areas with high storm or hurricane risks, since the added security can help protect windows from storm damage.

Vandalism Protection

In some areas graffiti is a real problem. Although spray paint and permanent marker can usually be removed from glass with a lot of elbow grease, it can still be a real pain to deal with. Unlike other film types, anti-graffiti films are applied to the outside of the window, and they do not alter the appearance of the window at all. If graffiti occurs, the film can be pulled off, and a new sheet reapplied immediately. This saves a lot of work and removing the vandalism quickly.

Decorative Options

Window film can also be decorative. It's possible to have film pre-printed with your business name or other marketing verbiage. You may also want to create a privacy film, such as on office windows, that gives the windows the look of etched glass. Decorative options can sometimes be combined with other types of film, such as printed UV film, to provide both business signage and protection from the sun.

For more help in choosing the right type of window film for your business, contact a commercial film and tint provider such as Southern Sun Control in your area.

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