Increasing Safety For Your Convenience Store Workers

If you manage a convenience store which is located off a busy highway, you undoubtedly want your employees kept safe while on the premises. Convenience stores near interstates are often the victim of robbery attempts as there is a quick exit to get away. It is extremely important to have procedures in place to help keep employees safe should a robbery attempt happen during night-time hours. Here are some steps you can take to increase your workers' safety.

Consider Installing Security Glass

A shield of glass between cashiers and the rest of the store is a great way to ensure they are not injured while on the job. A glass installation service can place a panel of glass in front of the cash register area. There are small cut outs in the glass near the bottom so that patrons can pay the workers and receive their change and receipts. The employees would have peace of mind knowing that a robbery attempt is less likely to end with an injury as the glass will give them protection from a variety of weapons. Contact a company like Film Solutions Unlimited  for more information about security glass.

Add Sound To The Door System

It is a good idea to have a buzzer or bell attached to the door to your convenience store to alert any employees that someone is walking in or out. Employees can stop performing other tasks, such as stocking shelves or making sandwiches, and head to the front area to tend to any customers that came inside the building. If this is not present, someone could sneak up behind an employee and demand money from the store.

Install A Silent Alarm

A silent alarm system can be installed underneath the cash register counter top to alert authorities if a robbery is taking place. This way, the robber will not know the worker alerted police, making it more likely that police will be able to capture the person as they will be caught off guard. This alarm system can be used whenever an emergency arises, making it a great, fast way to get help in a scary situation.

Make Sure Ample Lighting Is Present

A convenience store should be well-lit at all times to help keep theft from occurring. A thief is less likely to try to rob a store when others are able to observe their actions. Make sure to have a supply of replacement light bulbs on hand for employees to use if necessary. Evaluate the condition of the lights often to make sure none are in need of repair work as well.

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