Four Important Things To Know About Replacing Your Windows

Replacing windows is a major investment, so before you sign any contracts or start picking designs, there are a few things you should figure out first. Replacing your windows may not be your only option, and if you still want to make replacements, there are a few things you can do to save some money.

1. Replacing is Best When It's the Only Option

For the sake of cost it's usually best to repair a window instead of replace it, but there may be times when this just isn't feasible. For example, if the glass is broken, if the glass is fogged, or if the window frame is starting to rot, these are usually easier to take care of by replacing the window. A replacement is also a good idea if parts of the window or hardware are starting to sag. Not only are these difficult to fix -- and a fix isn't guaranteed -- but some of them can pose safety risks.

2. Don't Expect a Return on Investment

Even though newer windows are much more energy efficient than their older counterparts, you aren't likely to make that money back. Installing new windows can cost you thousands of dollars, while you might only see a small percent in energy savings every year. This is because, in the grand scheme of things, your windows don't contribute very much to your house's internal temperature unless you're leaving them wide open. A set of quality thermal curtains, combined with making sure there are as few leaks as possible, will help your energy bills at a fraction of the cost.

3. You Can Save Money On an Installation

Window installation costs aren't set in stone, and there are a few ways you can get discounts. First, your installer will probably give you a discount if you buy a number of windows because they're guaranteed a day's worth of work. The discount may increase the more you buy, so if you have the funds available, you'll save more by replacing them all at once rather than staggering the installation.

You may also be able to get a discount by putting a sign in your yard advertising where you got your windows from. If they don't offer it, ask about it. Window installation is a competitive business, so shop around and haggle until you've lowered to price to something you can reasonably handle.

4. You Can Choose Different Windows When Replacing

If you do opt to replace your window, remember that you have plenty of freedom when choosing a new aesthetic or design. As long as the new window can fit, you can have it installed, so don't feel like you need to replace the old window with the exact same kind. This may help sway your decision, especially if you've been looking at a beautiful window design that would fit a remodeling project or new paint job.

If you're thinking about selling the house after you replace the windows, either immediately or in the future, you can get a majority of the installation cost back when you do if you buy new windows. Nicer windows can fetch you a higher price on the market because window aesthetics are highly valuable. Contact a company like Innovations Siding & Windows for more information.

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