3 Tips For A Room Without A View

It's always a bonus whenever a window looks out on some idyllic natural landscape or a picturesque city view. A room with a great view is something that many enjoy and look for in their homes. The truth is that while some rooms in a home may have a great view, others may look out onto an alleyway or a not-so-attractive piece of land. Here are three tips for making the most out of a room, or rooms, with less than stellar views.

Window Shades

If the view outside of a window isn't attractive, there are plenty of ways to make the window area more visually appealing. Custom printed window shades are a great solution for a not so great view. These shades can be printed with any pattern and can be customized to look however the homeowner desires. For those who don't like the view, they can print a new one! They are also a great choice for children's rooms since they can be printed with a variety of kid-friendly motifs. The cost of these shades vary depending on the company making them. However, custom shades usually run between $150 to $200 per window.

Adjustable Window Treatments

One problem that many people encounter is that they do not enjoy the view outside their windows but they want to let light in. The best way to deal with this is by using adjustable window treatments. Window treatments that can be adjusted to let light in at the top or bottom of a window can be just what is needed when looking out on a bad view. Light can be brought in without the need to look at an unsatisfactory view.

Create An Outdoor Screen

Another way to block the view is to create an outdoor screen that essentially blocks the view and creates a new focal point. Homeowners can hang privacy screens right outside the window in order to block the view while still allowing light in. There is also the possibility of creating a natural screen out of plants. Clinging ivy and other fast growing plants work well for this purpose. Bamboo can also be an excellent choice. A mid range bamboo tree costs anywhere from $50 to $90, which means creating a screen out of trees this size can be pricey. However, it is a fast growing plant, so homeowners can create a screen out of younger plants for less if they are willing to be patient.

Dealing with a bad view can be an issue for many homeowners. Custom printed window shades, adjustable shades, and outdoor screens can all help make that view outside easier to tolerate.

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