2 Window Options That Can Help You Relax

One of the best parts about replacing your home's windows is that there are quite a few options available that can help you improve your home that normal glass windows simply cannot compete with. These replacement options can range from windows that will make your home much more difficult to break into or make your home more private. Listed below are two window options that can help you relax at home.

Electrochromic Glass

Light getting into your home can be a big problem in a number of different ways, such as keeping you awake due to sunlight or a street light placed near your window. While curtains and blinds can help to keep out some of the light, the light will often still find a way to bleed through the blinds or curtains or to simply leak around the edges of your window coverings.

Electrochromic glass can solve this issue because it will not allow a lot of light to get into your home at all. This is because electrochromic glass uses an electric current to become darker or clearer whenever you like and blocks out about 98% of light at its darkest setting.

In addition to making it easier to sleep during the day, this type of glass is also perfect for letting you relax and enjoy your home theater experience. Since the glass can stop the majority of light from getting into your home, there will be not be any issues with glare on your television screen or the light causing the image on your projector screen to appear washed out.

Soundproof Glass

One of the issues that can make it exceedingly difficult to relax at home is noise pollution. This noise pollution can be anything from a nearby intersection, school, or simply neighbors that are way too loud. These issues can be especially annoying if you have a schedule that requires you to sleep during the day when the noise pollution is at its worst.

A simple solution to this issue is to consider soundproof glass when replacing your windows. The glass used for soundproofing can consist of a thick pane or two thinner panes that have air or non-toxic gas between them to reduce the amount of noise that passes through your window. In many cases, this type of window will block between 90% and 95% of sound.

Contact a company like Custom View Exteriors to discuss which window replacement options would be a good fit for your home and budget. Electrochromic and soundproof glass are capable of making it easier for you to relax at home by blocking out unwanted light and noise.

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